How to slow cook with my DVD

Cook while you're working

Hi there, Slow Cooker Bill here. Who has time to cook meals with two jobs. I've got everything you need to start cooking while you are away. Set it and forget it. A real easy way to make tasty meals. My step by step guide on DVD, shows you how to cook meals fit for a king. If you can add ingredients and turn a knob. you'll come home to a nice gourmet meal. It's cheaper than fast food, and is better for you.

Recipes are listed below.  To order one of my DVD's  Please email me at



Creamy Chicken Alfredo                                             Creamy Chicken Mushroom

Spanish Chicken                                                         Country Style Pork

Spaghetti Sauce                                                          Sweet & Sour Pork

Vegetable Beef Stew                                                   Split Pea Soup             

Oatmeal                                                                    Cheese Enchilada

                                        Barbeque Ribs

Great home cooking

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